Finland, the Nordic countries, and the whole of Europe need a vision for the future despite vast changes in our security environment. Finland and the world need builders of the future. Achieving carbon neutrality by 2035 remains the right climate target, but in addition to this, we need other ambitious common goals for society at large. The most important question is how we will implement these goals in a fair way and what means we have to offer. This requires sharing ideas and input from each of us, and that is why I want us to promote it as widely as possible beyond traditional boundaries.

The Nordic welfare state has been a success story for decades. Everyone should continue to live safely, enjoy our forests and waters, receive a quality education and early childhood education, social and health services, and be able to rely on the fairness of working life and a decent income. This is also the core of our societal common security.

As a product and an advocate of the Nordic welfare state, I want to work to ensure that our children and grandchildren can also live safe and happy lives. We have the expertise and solutions that will also produce sustainable economic growth and livelihood.

You are welcome to join!